First-year students to complete their online exam application on or before 25th August 2018.

The student can use their login details to access the system. ( If the student has any issues to log in the system please contact Mr. F.A. Inshaf (IT demonstrator) at ATI New lab. Mobile Number: 0716356633. Bellow the registration steps pdf. apply_exam.pdf

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Induction Programme for Academic Staff – 2018, Cycle II

Induction Programme for Academic Staff - 2018, Cycle II The above Program is scheduled to be commenced from 6th August 2018. This Program will be conducted bi-weekly, only on Mondays and Tuesdays at the SDC hall, EUSL. The Program consists of 150 hours including teaching, assessments and independent learning. The programme fee is Rs. 35,000.00 per [...]

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All the student who have not register for the Hardy ATI hostel for the year 2018, they should be registered before having the hostel facilities

All the students who have never register in the hostel should be submitted the completed hostel  agreement. Hostel fee is Rs.  2000.00 for ten month (10 x 200.00) 18th and 21st of May the registration is possible

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There are more than 30 number of hostel facilities are allocated for the low income students.

Students who haven't selected for the hostel in the first round, please submit your income report certified by  relevant Gramasevaka and Asistant Director of District ( AGA) on or before 17th of May

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