All the student who have not register for the Hardy ATI hostel for the year 2018, they should be registered before having the hostel facilities

All the students who have never register in the hostel should be submitted the completed hostel  agreement. Hostel fee is Rs.  2000.00 for ten month (10 x 200.00) 18th and 21st of May the registration is possible

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There are more than 30 number of hostel facilities are allocated for the low income students.

Students who haven't selected for the hostel in the first round, please submit your income report certified by  relevant Gramasevaka and Asistant Director of District ( AGA) on or before 17th of May

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THM course will not be able to start at Hardy ATI because lac of student registered for this course. For more details click here.

Registered student can get transfer to Nawalapitiya ATI section or Badulla ATI (limited number) or can register Management course at Hardy ATI. For more information please contact us. Tel.No : 063-222056 , 063-223035

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Orientation program for intake 2018 batch will be start on 2018 May 14th

Orientation program for new intake 2018 will start on 14th May 2018. It continues till 18th May 2018. All first year full time students are expected to attend the above program. Opening ceremony start with 9.30 AM onward at Hardy ATI.   Students are requested to wear decent dresses. Casual dresses like T-Shirts are strictly prohibited. [...]

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