Hardy News

Birthday Celebration 126th

Later, professor Evan A Hardy, 126th Birthday celebration, Damma preaching ceremony on the 14st of October 2016, at 9.00 a.m. in Hardy premise And Arms giving to “Sarana” Adult’s house in Ampara on the  15th of October 2016.

DG's visit to Ampara

Dr.Hilary E.Silva Director General of Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education made a visit to Hardy Advance Technological Institute on 16th of September 2016.During his visit, he inspected the progress of student hostel, Auditorium  and other construction projects on going in the Hardy ATI premises. He also visited sammanthurai ATI section during his visit.




Dengue Prevention campaign

A program to prevent dengue was organized by Hardy Advance technological institute on 12th of October 2016 with the participation of student and all staff.A team from the MOH-Ampara headed by Dr.Danushka provided necessary instruction to Carrey out the project

Massage from the Director

Hardy Advanced Technological Institute (HATI), coming under Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Institute of the Ministry of Higher Education had been termed as Technical Training Institute (TTI) when she began her journey in 1956 with Galoya Valley Development Board (GVDB) to produce technicians required by the Galoya Valley Development Project (GVDP), the largest multipurpose development project launched in1950s after the independence of Sri Lanka.

The founder Director of HATI Evan A. Hardy who was Professor in Agricultural Engineering in Saskatchewan University of Canada, joined TTI in 1956 and was entrusted the task of creating technologists in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Agricultural engineering to meet the requirement of immediate man power of the project.

HATI is still considered as one of the pioneer Technological Training Institutions producing middle level world class technicians who can take the challenge to meet the need of the present market. With five department, Department of Agriculture, Department of English, Department of Information Technology, Department of Management and Department of Accountancy, HATI contributes immensely to the development locally as well as internationally.

HATI is unique by its student compositions that it has become a place where students belonging to all three ethnicities, Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims equally live and study. It is also one of the best examples to prove ethnic harmony and social integrity of the nation. The institution has been growing rapidly in terms of quality, recognition, activities, number of courses, student intake and staff during the recent several years. Under the present government, through its “ Deyata Kirula” National Development Program, lots of infrastructure facilities were brought to the institute and quality of study programs has been assured by a team appointed by the Ministry of Higher Education in consultation with Hon: Minister of Higher Education, Secretary- Ministry of Higher Education and Director General- Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Institute.

Currently, the institute offers five Higher National Diploma Programs with the intention of making it a regional hub of excellence in higher education and training covering the entire Eastern province of Sri Lanka. At the same time it is open for any student of the country seeking higher education in the above disciplines. We under the direction of Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Institute have taken a number of initiatives to attract more students to each program of study, particularly by revising curricula in order to meet the current demand of the world.

In keeping with our institutional vision and mission, I am sure, among other institutions of the sector HATI is committed to meeting the demand for employment of both public and private sector, needs of community development through its current activities and research.

I wish HATI all the success.

Mrs G.V.S Pradeepika
Hardy Advanced Technological Institute