Hardy News

Birthday Celebration 126th

Later, professor Evan A Hardy, 126th Birthday celebration, Damma preaching ceremony on the 14st of October 2016, at 9.00 a.m. in Hardy premise And Arms giving to “Sarana” Adult’s house in Ampara on the  15th of October 2016.

DG's visit to Ampara

Dr.Hilary E.Silva Director General of Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education made a visit to Hardy Advance Technological Institute on 16th of September 2016.During his visit, he inspected the progress of student hostel, Auditorium  and other construction projects on going in the Hardy ATI premises. He also visited sammanthurai ATI section during his visit.




Dengue Prevention campaign

A program to prevent dengue was organized by Hardy Advance technological institute on 12th of October 2016 with the participation of student and all staff.A team from the MOH-Ampara headed by Dr.Danushka provided necessary instruction to Carrey out the project


Professor Evan Alan Hardy retired from the University of Saskatoon of Canada and set out to Ceylon to start dry land Agriculture for the Food and Agriculture Organization. In Ceylon he became the founding director of the Regional Technical Training Institute for South Asia in the year 1956. It was funded by the Colombo Plan and linked to the Gal Oya Project to train the labourers and officials.

As the first multi-purpose reservoir project in recent times, the Gal Oya project trained the Hardy students with frequent field visits to a live engineering environment. Students from Burma, Malaysia, North Borneo, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore studied under Professor Hardy from 1956 until his death in 1963 and then with other professors until the 1970s.

The assets of the Institute included an auditorium, lecture halls, machinery and equipment, laboratories, an agricultural farm demonstration area, hostels for students and a library.

There were only 70 students of Engineering as well as Agricultural officers on refresher courses at the initiation.  They were residing during the study period of 11 months per year. They had courses on irrigation, soil science, agriculture, mechanical and electrical engineering, surveying and more. They had a tiring period of “leisure” of sports.

The educated students at Hardy went on for higher studies and professions in both foreign countries and of course, in Sri Lanka. Soon the Hardians took over the positions of foreign engineers of the Gal Oya project and performed splendidly, resulting a magnificent water reservoir, Senannayaka Samudraya.

Professor Hardy died at the age of 73 after serving his fullest to the Sri Lankan capable students and his memorial remains in Hardy ATI premises.