About HNDT (Agriculture)

Hardy Advanced Technological Institute conducts Higher National Diploma in Agriculture course to produce middle level technical officers who are capable of practicing appropriate technology and management tasks in crop and animal production, agro product processing and agribusiness. They contribute to the socioeconomic and sustainable development of the agriculture sector locally and internationally, with professional attitudes and confidence to serve the local and global community.

According to new curriculum revised in 2011, basically the course consists of 03 academic years. First, two years of course work at the institute and during the last year student expose to the in-plant (Industrial) training which is conducted and evaluated by National Apprentice and Industrial training Authority (NAITA).

The 3 year program will be offered in a course unit system in semesters. Hence the program will comprise 6 semesters, each of 15 weeks duration. Out of the 101 credits, 60 credits would contribute to the GPA of the program, while the other credits would be required to be completed but would be NGPA. The course work would comprise a core program and an advanced program.

In the first 3 semesters all students would be following the core program where completion of all GPA modules would be compulsory. In the 4th semester students can select the advanced program which could be the Crop Science program or the Animal Science program. Each student will have 2 in-plant training opportunities – one per semester.

Each module would be assessed by continuous assessment and end semester examinations. The practical examination of the end semester examination could comprise spot tests, vivas or any other form of test depending on the ILOs of the module

After completion of the core programme; 1 1/2 year, a Certificate will be provided. After completion of all Year 2 requirements, a Certificate in the Advanced Module will be provided. After completion of all Year 3 requirements the Higher National Diploma in Technology (Agriculture) will be offered