About HNDE

The Higher National Diploma in English course provides an opportunity for School leavers with GCE A’ Level qualifications to improve their expertise in English Language, English Literature and Communication skills. The learners will be focussed specialize during the second year in order to strengthen their chances of finding suitable employment. The course also intends to develop their personality, interpersonal skills and general convertible skills such as adaptability, decision making ability and organizational ability which are regarded as important requirements to meet employment prospects. The new programme of study is designed according to the course unit system enabling the assessment of students in credits. After completion of NDE level, the students are offered the three specialization areas namely English Language Teaching, Journalism and English for Business Communication. There will be no in-plant training in the area of specialization but a practical component is included for each in the second semester of the final year. Apart from the core programme there are two support courses offered for the students throughout the first year named Study Skills and Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) to enhance the independent learning ability of the students.