Hardy Advanced Technological Institute conducts Higher National Diploma in Information Technology course to produce quality diplomats in the field of IT. Therefore the main aim of the program is to produce quality diplomats to serve as middle level technicians in the process of developing solutions for Information Technology field in the country.

Basically the course consists of 2 1/2 academic years. First, two years spent at the institute and last 6 month student expose to the implant (Industrial) training. Including Term A and B they have 30 subjects in the field of IT and it include 810 hours of theory and the 1010 hours of practical. Communication skill is additional subjects to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the programme offered.

First two years they have TERM A and TERM B. It includes 7 subjects including 2 English subjects. It is non GPA. In their fist year all the students have to follow common subjects and second year they can specialize in selected subject according to their skills.

The course consists of a project study aiming for the enhancement of intellectual and analytical abilities of the students. During the period, students do an individual study either by engaging in field research or dissertations on specific problem in the field of IT.

In addition, students are supposed to do specific assignments during the study period. At the last 6 month, students exposed to implant (Industrial) training in the field of software , hardware and networking in public or private sector. The responsibility of directing students to relevant industries and assessments are done by the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA).