Hardy News

Birthday Celebration 126th

Later, professor Evan A Hardy, 126th Birthday celebration, Damma preaching ceremony on the 14st of October 2016, at 9.00 a.m. in Hardy premise And Arms giving to “Sarana” Adult’s house in Ampara on the  15th of October 2016.

DG's visit to Ampara

Dr.Hilary E.Silva Director General of Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education made a visit to Hardy Advance Technological Institute on 16th of September 2016.During his visit, he inspected the progress of student hostel, Auditorium  and other construction projects on going in the Hardy ATI premises. He also visited sammanthurai ATI section during his visit.




Dengue Prevention campaign

A program to prevent dengue was organized by Hardy Advance technological institute on 12th of October 2016 with the participation of student and all staff.A team from the MOH-Ampara headed by Dr.Danushka provided necessary instruction to Carrey out the project


The widely spread farm of the Hardy ATI consists 25 acres of land and is a resourceful place for Agricultural studies and researches. The farm consists with Paddy field, other crop cultivation, livestock rearing unit, ornamental fish keeping unit, pasture land, orchard, laboratories and projects of second year students.

The paddy field of 6 acres is often cultivated on seasonal water availability and student academic calendar with the involvement of labourer and the students. The farm and the cultivations depend on the water resources obtained from the well and the stream. The vegetable and other field crops in the farm gives a sound harvest making the farm a profitable resource for the institute. An electric fence has been established around the farm to overcome wild elephant attacks, the most severe threat for crop cultivation in the area.

Four wheel and two wheel drive tractors are used for ploughing as well as for harvesting. The Mini-Combine Harvester, Weeders and Transplanters support the students in conducting farm practicals. Though very rarely used, the sun power irrigation system available in the farm is a great resource in an area like Ampara as most of the months of the year are extremely sunny. Cattle, poultry, quails, Ornamental Fish and guinea pigs are the animals raised in the Hardy farm used to do practicals of Animal Husbandry. In addition to this there are a Poultry house, Cattle shed, Goat and a Pig house and a pump house in the Hardy farm and there is a net house too. Agriculture students of Hardy ATI use these facilities in their practical studies. The different innovations, findings and applications generated from project studies of second year students in the laboratories and farm up to their Diploma level.

Orchard of Hardy ATI Farm

In the year of 2011, the Orchard of Hardy ATI farm was initiated in partial fulfillment of the practical work of Fruit production subject. Recommended varieties for dry zone and some local varieties of fruits were established in the orchard. The first plant of the orchard was planted by the director of the institute on 25th of August 2011.

The responsibility of improvement and management of the orchard is with the first year agriculture students and it will be transferred to the new batch every year. Plant survival even during severe drought conditions is ensured with a special drip type irrigation system which is developed by the students. The orchard comprises more than 20 fruit species in different varieties including, Mango, Banana, Orange, Lime, Lemon, Guava, Pomegranate, Avocado, Bael, Strawberry, Grapes, Pineapple, Golden Apple (Amberella), Indian Gooseberry (Nelli), Custard Apple (Anona), Jack Fruit, Cashew, Mangosteen and a rock garden with Dragon Fruit.